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Teeger Schiller Inc. is a team of highly skilled professionals whose primary focus is to share our expertise with our clients. We provide them with the organizational skills, experience and knowledge to enhance their ability to succeed.


Teeger Schiller Inc. focuses on three distinct areas of practice:

SR & ED / Grants

System Consulting

Policy Governance(r) / IT Governance

SR & ED / Grant Services


Teeger Schiller Inc. is your conduit to government funding opportunities. We have gained the trust and respect of both our clients and the various governmental agencies with whom we work. Our knowledge of the details of what is required in order to obtain government funding and our understanding of how to present the appropriate agency with the information that they require in order to evaluate our clientsí requests, enables our clients to receive their funding in a fast and efficient manner.


We consistently handle approximately 100 files per year and have obtained over $6 million per year in client funding. While much of our work in this division is confidential as it involves Canada Revenue Agency filings, other work can be found in the public domain.


We invite you to review our client list and our client quotes regarding the work we have done for them.


System Consulting


Teeger Schiller Inc. has been involved in the systems consulting, requirements gathering and analysis, selection, negotiation and implementation of management information systems for a number of industries including manufacturing, importing, wholesale/distribution and vertical retailing industries, non-for profit organizations, automotive and steel industries for the past 20 years. We have managed the implementation of computerized systems into organizations around the world, ranging from small single owner operations to multinational public companies. We have also worked with organizations that have not been able to achieve the full potential of their existing systems by enhancing the functionality of those systems through working closely with the original software developer and through the use of add-on systems tools.


As with any complex business operation, the effective use and processes surrounding the use of ones existing business systems requires specialized knowledge and experience. In order to improve existing deficiencies, one must be able to recognize areas of potential process improvement, as well as, and distinguished from, areas where the systems could be enhanced to provide better information. One must also be able to recognize situations where those using the computer may not be sufficiently trained in its use, or able to determine its capabilities. 


The process of selecting new systems and tools also requires specialized skills. The ability to determine real functionality versus hype (or futures) is paramount, and while price is always an important consideration, the budgeted funds must be invested wisely with a solution that, as far as possible, reduces the risk of implementation failure.

We invite you to review our client list and our client quotes regarding the work we have done for them.

Policy Governance(r) / IT Governance


Teeger Schiller Inc. utilizes the latest governance technology to help boards ensure that they are meeting their fiduciary responsibility, but further, to introduce techniques to enable boards to achieve levels of effectiveness that they have never before been able to accomplish. We are trained in Policy Governance (r), a coherent set of principles and concepts that allows boards to lead their organizations with integrity.

IT Governance is a comprehensive management system to ensure that an organizationís investment and use of its Information Technologies are aligned with and in support of the organizationís corporate strategic goals and meets the boardís fiduciary responsibilities .
We invite you to review our client list and our client quotes regarding Policy Governance or client quotes regarding IT Governance regarding the work we have done for them.

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