"In the system selection process, Teeger Schiller has turned a black art into a science."

Tim Weatherbie, I.T. Director, H. Paulin and Co. Ltd.


"We have worked with Teeger-Schiller on a complex ERP systems search.  Their performance has been extremely professional, complete and cost effective.  They applied their methodology to support Patagonia throughout the selection process. We are very pleased with the results."

Mike Busch. IT Director. Lost Arrow Corporation

"Teeger Schiller was essential in assisting us make the right decision in purchasing the new membership system for our club. They were able to explain to both our Board of Directors and our membership at large the numerous issues that we should be concerned about when purchasing a new system. They were true professionals in dealing with our organization, and this important project."
Allan Goodman. Commodore, Mimico Cruising Club

"Thank you for all your help with the vendor search and the demos. I really appreciated your expertise and process. And you were absolutely the bulldog we needed to keep the project on track." Susan Henderson, Benefits Manager, Patagonia(c)


"The implementation of our system would not have occurred without the unique expertise of Teeger Schiller."

David Abrams, President, The Collective


"Teeger Schiller has immeasurably changed the way we manage our sales force and product lines for the better. We could not have accomplished any of this without their guidance and assistance."

Trevor Cohen, C.E.O., Giftcraft Ltd.


"David and Elliot were instrumental in the successful implementation of our management information systems. Both gentlemen are true professionals and their in depth knowledge of our industry enhanced our ability to have programming that maximized our ability to manage our business efficiently, profitably and without any major glitches."
Jeff Otis, CEO, Grand National Apparel Inc.

”David Teeger and Elliot Schiller have assisted me in implementing systems for the past decade. They get it done."
Alan Goldberg, Exec VP-COO, Roots Canada Ltd.

"It has been wonderful for us to work so closely with you, and we feel our project has been much enhanced by your significant contributions. Frankly, we couldn't have come this far without you! "
Susan Wilkes, Controller, Bravado! Designs

”I trust the advice I get from David, it's on the mark, and always adds value. He facilitates the implementation of new and complex systems.”
Bernard Resnick, CFO, Hugo Boss.


"Teeger Schiller Inc. was instrumental in assisting us to implement our new software solution. They worked with our entire user community in Toronto and Vancouver, and as well with the various vendors, to ensure that every issue was resolved. The benefits of their services far outweighed the costs as our transition was smooth and on time. We couldn't have done it in such an orderly fashion without them." more
Ralph Goldfinger, CO-CEO, Canada Sportswear Inc.

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