Marketing Manager®

Is Marketing Manager® for you?
Does your existing computer system have all your business information stored inside it, and yet every time you need to know something, it’s not available, or it’s hidden in a 50-page report? Do you have endless spreadsheets to get you the information that you need to make decisions? Do you need a programmer to create a new report every time you want new information?
Does your system help you anticipate and react to problems early enough in the season so that you can correct them? Do you really know how you are doing during the season?
In a crisis, do you wish you had a modern system to make the right decision, right away? Then, Marketing Manager® is for you!
What Marketing Manager® can do for you
Marketing Manager® makes complex data clear and decipherable. Marketing Manager® gives you the information you need, right away, to make the business decisions that you need to manage your business.
Marketing Manager® takes 20 years off the life of your old computer system. Marketing Manager® gives you a competitive advantage.
How does it work?
Marketing Manager® extracts data from your existing business information system and stores it in a Cognos® data cube. You use a Windows® based user friendly screen to summarize data, view detailed information, drag and drop data from one view to another.
See which sales are underperforming
With one click of the button you can see which sales agents are not doing justice to your entire product line.
See which customers need attention
At a glance, see where you're losing margin
Marketing Manager® shows you which brands are better or worse and where to focus your efforts.
Where does it work?
Marketing Manager® can be used by your team anywhere in the world through web access or by downloading a current version of the data cube.
Why Teeger Schiller?
We have worked with hundreds of distributors, manufacturers, and retailers for over 25 years. We have the necessary skill and experience to tailor Marketing Manager® to meet your company's specific business needs.

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