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Graphic Arts Magazine Funding Help Column


Teeger Schiller Inc. is proud to be publishing a monthly column in Graphics Arts Magazine. These columns, as requested by the publisher, are targeted at Canadian Manufacturers with the objective of informing them of and keeping them abreast of any opportunities within either the Federal Government, or the various Provincial Governments with regards to grants, loans, research support, and marketing support.


"THANK YOU for keeping us up to date. I appreciate it and I I find your columns VERY helpful and interesting and I'm sure our readers do as well." Tony Curcio, Graphic Arts Magazine, News Editor


To learn more about Graphics Arts Magazine, please click here


Date Published: July/ August 2019

Title: Women in trade investments program


Export Development Canada (EDC) has announced a new $50 million Women in Trade Investments Program to provide equity capital specifically designed to help Canadian women entrepreneurs specifically interested in developing or expanding their export reach.


Date Published: June 2019

Title: Dos and don'ts for obtaining government funding for your business


Recently my firm reached out to multiple senior government officials and asked them to provide us with their observations on how best to obtain government funding. If you think you are eligible for government funding support, this is an important read.


Date Published: May 2019

Title: Budget 2019: What's in it for the Graphics Industry


Election year budgets are always a chance for the government in power to shower both taxpayers and businesses with presents. This year, it's a renewed commitment to encourage innovation in the small to medium sized (SME) business community. Let’s see what’s in the budget for your business.. Read on.


Date Published: April 2019

Title: Accessing wage subsidies for your student workers


Are you in the process of upgrading your technology to stay competitive? If so, it's that time of year again when skilled postsecondary students become available to join the workforce. There's a wage-subsidy initiative that can help you hire them. Read on.


Date Published: March 2019

Title: Women Entrepreneur Fund


The federal government is making funding available through the Women Entrepreneurship Fund, with the objective of providing support to women to grow their businesses and facilitate their pursuit of opportunities in markets abroad.


Date Published: December 2018 /January 2019

Title: Futurpreneur - is it for  you?


Futurpreneur Canada is the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. If you qualify, you could be eligible for as much as $45,000.


Date Published: October, 2018

Title: Provincial funds available for businesses in Ontario


Ontario provides funds to support projects that create jobs, encourage innovation, collaboration and cluster development, and attract private sector investment. Could this change your too costly project into an attractive ROI, and take your business to the next level? Learn more.


Date Published: September, 2018

Title: Looking for export opportunities at SGIA?


Are you looking for opportunities to begin an export business or to enhance your existing export presence? There are risks to venturing into an unfamiliar market or one that does not necessarily respect Canadian ways of doing business. That is why it's important to know about Export Development Canada (EDC).


Date Published: July/August, 2018

Title: Provincial funding can help with implementing inkjet technology


Just in time to help you upgrade your shop and employee skill levels, many provinces have upped their support for research and development, venture capital funding, and training support. This article looks at new or improved funding support from the provinces.


Date Published: June, 2018

Title: Get grants that support smart packaging developments


The latest federal budget has introduced many new incentives
for research and development.  These programs support small to medium sized enterprises,  with the objective of increasing their capabilities to develop and commercialize their innovations.


Date Published: May, 2018

Title: Are you getting all the grants and tax credits you're entitled to


Just recently, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada announced that it will provide $950 million to five innovation superclusters spaced evenly across the country.  Is your business getting its share of available funding?



Date Published: April, 2018

Title: Tap into help from the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs


Are you just starting a business in the or are you ready to take your business to the next level? If so, you need to know about the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). ONE is a complex web of 130-plus independent organization members aimed at supporting the growth of Ontario businesses at different stages of development.



Date Published: March, 2018

Title: Use grants to take you to the next level


“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else,” — Yogi Berra, philosopher
Often in business we think we should be heading in one direction only to have our customers tell us, that they want us to head somewhere else. While it may be for the good, it may not be ideal for maximizing government grants.



Date Published: February, 2018

Title: Will the research and development tax incentive be scrapped


Are you planning on beginning a new innovation project in order to  develop a new product, enhance an existing product, or improve your production processes in a way which would make them better, faster or cheaper? Then this column is a must read, and the sooner the better.



Date Published: December/January, 2017-2018

Title: TFSA or RRSP?


As the tax filing season is here once again, it is time to think about how best to maximize your financial wealth. This article provides tips for taxpayers of all ages, all income brackets, married or single, and of course, with different savings objectives.



Date Published: November, 2017

Title: Career Focus Program Funding for skills upgrading


Do you want to expand your workforce but recognize that you will incur substantial skills training costs? This spring, the Government of Canada introduced the Career Focus Program to provide funding for employers to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to develop career required skills.



Date Published: October, 2017

Title: Tap into Quebec's on-the-job training programs


Would you benefit from a skills upgrade program in your shop? Are you carrying out business in Quebec and do you intend to pay wages to trainees, apprentices and supervisors of those trainees? If so, then you may be eligible to recover the cost of qualified expenditures incurred to carry on your training program.



Date Published: July/August, 2017

Title: Ontario business and product development grants for small companies


Do you need funds to elevate your company from a less than 50 person organization to a bigger shop? Do you have a business development strategy that could change who you are? Do you have a product that is ready for commercialization? If so, then the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) is ready to help.


Date Published: April, 2017

Title: Get new capital to grow your business


Canada’s biggest banks and insurance companies have recently launched the Canadian Business Growth Fund, a private-sector fund of up to $1 billion to provide long-term financing to burgeoning high-growth businesses. The Fund aims to fill a gap between the small-scale financing options generally available to entrepreneurs and smaller firms, and the range of sources available to larger, more established companies.



Date Published: March, 2017

Title: Innovating? YEP funding can help


YEP, the Youth Employment Program, for new hires aged 15 to 30 years, is a federal program offered by the National Research Council Canada (NRC) with funding for recently graduated intern’s salaries. The YEP Program can support a new, technology-related  position in small and medium-sized enterprises supporting a portion of the salary costs of up to two post-secondary graduates.



Date Published: February, 2017

Title: Crowdfunding - an alternative business financing source


We’ve all heard the word, crowdfunding, but does it really apply to our business? The first ever Canadian report on crowdfunding was released at the end of 2016 by the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, and it predicts that once all of the numbers are finalized, crowdfunding will have reach $190 million in 2016. If raising funds for your business could give you the fuel to propel you to new funding, this article is for you.



Date Published: December, 2016 / January, 2017

Title: Equity Investment Opportunities


Are you searching for a long-term financial solution for your business? There are many options with respect to equity investors to bank on your potential, provided either by government funded or sponsored solutions. These funds each have specific criteria that determine eligibility. The Government of Canada has a detailed listing of every program which can be found in this article.



Date Published: November, 2016

Title: Want a government grant? Document your work


One of the largest disconnects between small entrepreneurial businesses and all levels of government is over the issue of project documentation as the work progresses. As a consequence, many small businesses feel that the effort to comply with governmental rules and regulations isn't worth the amount of funding that they could receive.
This is illogical, unproductive and potentially extremely costly thinking.



Date Published: October, 2016

Title: Thinking big at Graph Expo and getting government funding assistance


This year at GRAPH EXPO you are being asked to “Think Big”. Along those lines, Graphic Expo 16 “welcomes Wide Format Inkjet Printers”. If you are thinking of expanding your business to develop a wide format capability, funding support might be available. This article discusses the two federal programs in particular that might provide you with funding assistance, IRAP and SR&ED.



Date Published: September, 2016

Title: Funding for 3D printing projects


Many innovation projects begin with proof of concept prototypes. With the introduction of 3D printing, prototypes can now be built quicker and at a lower cost. That means that ideas that were once too costly to be proofed and perfected by smaller enterprises are now within the realm of possibility, especially with the cost of experimentation being further reduced by government assistance. .



Date Published: July/ August, 2016

Title: Innovation with funding support from Mitacs


Are you looking for funding to help advance your business? Perhaps now is the time to look to Mitacs for innovation funding support.
Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 15 years. Working with 60 universities, thousands of companies, and both federal and provincial governments, Mitacs builds partnerships that support industrial innovation in Canada..



Date Published: June, 2016

Title: Quebec government provides funding support for innovation


Créativité Québec is designed for companies with innovative projects that need funding to acquire new technology or to develop or improve products and processes. If you have an innovative idea that you are ready to launch, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.
You are eligible to take part in this program if your company is a ‘for‐profit’ entity, and you are manufacturing in Quebec..



Date Published: May, 2016

Title: How do you know if you need a new computer system-and is funding support available?


Finding and implementing a new Management Information System (MIS) is a long-term investment in your business, and often, a costly undertaking. While most businesses are frustrated with their existing systems, there could be many causes, and the solution is not necessarily the implementation of a new system. This article explores various alternatives and discusses funding help that is available.



Date Published: April, 2016

Title: A tale of three budgets


February and March saw new budgets introduced in Québec, Ontario and Ottawa. These budgets, all brought down by Liberal governments, showed a deep contrast in how these provinces and the federal government intend to incentivize manufacturing going forward. To summarize, Ontario cut incentives to domestic manufacturers, Québec created new incentives, and Ottawa said details will come soon.



Date Published: March, 2016

Title: Grow your business internationally with CanExport


Here’s some good news for companies contemplating expanding to new markets internationally. The Government of Canada’s newly announced CanExport Program will provide up to $50 million over five years in direct financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets.



Date Published: February, 2016

Title: Government assistance to grow your business and increase your capacity


The new Canadian government is about to enter into its new fiscal year, April 1, with a very clear direction from Prime Minister Trudeau that his government will focus on “things like growing the economy, creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and helping those working hard to join it.” This article and spreadsheet help you determine your ROI. See spreedsheet at Graphic_Arts_Spreadsheet.



Date Published: December/ January, 2016

Title: Federal funds to support your innovation


Canada’s 23rd prime minister, Justin Trudeau is just beginning his four year mandate in which he promises “real change”.  While we heard a significant number of promises, one of the easier promises to keep is the commitment to “work with the provinces and territories in order to make Canada the world’s most competitive tax jurisdiction for investment in research, development and manufacturing of clean technology.” (Liberal Platform, 2015)



Date Published: November, 2015

Title: What to expect from the new Liberal government


This is the third part in our three part series about the October federal election. The people of Canada have spoken. The Liberals, after a brilliantly run campaign, have been awarded a majority government, just four years after being relegated to the third place party. So, what changes, with respect to existing government programs, that support business growth, are we likely to see, and what new programming directions are possible?.



Date Published: October, 2015

Title: Getting ready for a new federal government


This is the second in our three part series about the October federal election. In this column, we focus on what funding help we can expect to be available based on each party's published platform. Suggestions about what opportunities might become available with respect to innovation, skills training, new hire support and investments in green technologies are discussed.



Date Published: September, 2015

Title: The federal parties' funding platforms: Why who wins the Oct. 19 election is important


Federal elections and the possible changes they can elicit, are important to your business, as future corporate taxes, government spending direction, and government philosophy have both a real and a perceived effect on the business climate in which you operate. This article will exam each parties' policy / platform documents. The October issue will focus on what funding help might be available based on these platforms and the likely outcome of the election.



Date Published: July - August, 2015

Title: Improving your products and processes? There is funding help available


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has revised its Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Investment Tax Credits Policy with significant new “clarifications”. For the first time since the program was introduced in 1992, the term scientific method no longer applies to the SR&ED program. In what this author considers a confirming acknowledgement of the shop-floor practices of the domestic manufacturing sector, CRA now refers to the proper method of attempting product or process improvement as systematic investigation, not scientific method.



Date Published: June, 2015

Title: Disagree with GST and other tax owing issues? You can informally appeal!


As part of the controversial Omnibus Bill introduced by  the Harper government in the fall, 2013, was an increase in the “amount in dispute” up to $50,000 for GST/HST appeals, and up to $25,000 for many other tax disagreements. That is significant, and probably a large enough amount to enable most small to medium size companies (SME’s) to fight what they are confident represents an incorrect or unfair ruling by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).



Date Published: May, 2015

Title: Canada-provincial training grants


Most provinces now offer training grants to
encourage employers to improve the skill levels of their employees. A cynic might say it’s being ramped up because this is an election year. Nevertheless, from a business perspective, when was being granted up to $12,500 per employee to make your employees even more valuable to your company ever a bad thing?, read on!



Date Published: April, 2015

Title: Funding help to bring your new product to market


Elliot Schiller recently attended a Public Works and Governmental Services Canada seminar discussing the federal Built in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). BCIP's stated objective is to help Canadian businesses bridge the pre-commercialization gap that many of them face in moving innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. If you have recently developed a new product or enhanced an existing product, read on!



Date Published: March, 2015

Title: Obtaining OIDMTC funding for your digital media projects


At the conclusion of 2014, Ontario announced that it intended to review the Ontario Digital Media Tax Credit. Makes sense, a program that was originally intended to boost and grow the interactive digital media sector in Ontario has now turned into a $100 Million funding giveaway, for an industry estimated at less than $200 Million in sales. If you have a website with interactive capability, this is a must read article. Hurry, before it's too late!



Date Published: February, 2015

Title: Innovation funding now available from BDC


Maintaining a manufacturing presence in Canada requires constant innovation to remain competitive. Canada considers itself one of the most generous countries in the world with respect to funding R&D. However, those funds are provided many months to a year, after the R&D costs have been incurred. Now, BDC, the Business Development Bank of Canada is giving advances on those funds, without any affect on your existing credit thresholds. Good news!



Date Published: December, 2014

Title: Should you invest in RRSP?


It's that time of year again – RRSP season. So we thought we’d switch direction this month and concentrate our column on personal finances instead of business funding help. Below are the pros and cons of RRSP investing as we see them, to let you decide exactly what’s right for you.



Date Published: November, 2014

Title: Wage subsidies can help reduce your labour costs


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has certainly been in the news of late. However, there are many other non-controversial wage subsidy programs available to Canadian companies. Federally,programs help youth find employment, encourage hiring for innovation, commercialization and expansion. Provincially, there are many programs that target issues of concern in that region. See if you qualify for Funding Help when you are ready to hire.



Date Published: October, 2014

Title: Following the rules counts when it comes to obtaining government funding


Many in the business world think that the rules are just guidelines with respect to how to apply for funding from a government body. That couldn't be further from the truth. This article provides an example of a major manufacturer who didn't follow the rules, almost wound up in Tax Court, but for whom we were able to obtain a "second" chance from Canada Revenue Agency and avert a court case.



Date Published: September, 2014

Title: Exporting in your future? You need to know about Export Development Canada


Export Development Canada (EDC), based on its most recent published figures provided assistance to over 7,400 Canadian companies doing business in 187 countries. This article briefly touches on the various ways that EDC could potentially help your business, including protection against risk, freeing up of working capital, supporting business growth, investing in foreign markets and obtaining financing If exporting is in your future, this is a must read.



Date Published: July/ August 2014

Title: Funding help begins with a good business plan



This article discusses the various topics and the content within that need to be included in an effective business plan that will improve your ability to obtain funding, be it from a federal or provincial government, a financial institution or a private lender.                   Each of the big five banks provide you with a free of charge template to create a business plan.

      Link to Business Plan templates

Date Published: June,  2014

Title: Financial help for the manufacturing sector in Ontario


As part of the Economic Action Plan, 2013 is a $200 million fund targeting Southern Ontario to promote continued growth in the advanced manufacturing sector by supporting efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies and large-scale activities that will improve processes and increase productivity in order to establish clusters or global supply chains in collaboration with the private sector, and research and post-secondary institutions..


Date Published: May,  2014

Title: The New Business Innovation Access Program


The newly announced Business Innovation Access Program (BIAP) is a $20 Million funded program from the federal government with the objective of providing entrepreneurial small to medium sized companies (SMEs) with resources, both intellectual and monetary, to help them move past barriers, hurdles, and capital to bring a new product or service to market. See if you are eligible and how to proceed if you are.


Date Published: April,  2014

Title: Funding Help for business expansion


The Canadian Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small businesses to obtain loans from financial institutions because the government shares the risk. If you have an idea that can take your business to the next level, but lack the funds, read on. This article lists what to prepare before you meet your financial institution. Remember, you only get one chance for a first impression, so, make sure you are ready when you approach your banker.


Date Published: March,  2014

Title: Introduction to IRAP


IRAP, the Innovation Assistance Program, offered by the National Research Council of Canada, and funded by Industry Canada consists of various difference financial assistance programs for qualifying companies. Currently there are funds available to support research and development innovation, youth employment, and digital technology adaptation.


Date Published: February,  2014

Title: Getting government funds for your R&D


This is the first article in the new Funding Help column written by Teeger Schiller Inc. Director, Elliot Schiller. Appropriately, this article focuses on the SR&ED program, Canada's largest support program for the manufacturing industry with $6 Billion per year being awarded to qualifying companies. Enjoy!


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