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Keeping You Informed

Date Published: November 26, 2018

Where: Teeger Schiller

Title: Canada Business Network, Your Resource for Success


Are you starting a new business, growing an established company, or adapting your business to the ever-changing economic landscape? If so, the Canada Business Network is an excellent business information resource.

Date Published: September 9, 2017

Where: Teeger Schiller

Title: Quebec on the job training programs


Would your Quebec based shop benefit from a skills upgrade program and do you intend to pay wages to trainees, apprentices and supervisors of those trainees? If so, then you may be eligible to recover the cost of qualified expenditures incurred to carry on your training program.


Date Published: September 9, 2017

Where: Canadian Manufacturing

Title: Ontario prepares for Buy American tussel with Texas


Premier Kathleen Wynne says the rhetoric around these Buy American provisions is compelling for Americans, but they don't "make sense from a trade perspective." .Ontario has hired lobbyists in Texas and is threatening protectionist measures of its own as it tries to convince state officials not to pass a Buy American bill. Trade between Ontario and Texas amounted to more than US$12 billion last year, including in the tech, automotive and construction sectors.


Date Published: May 18, 2017

Where: Graphic Arts on line featured news

Title: Exclusive: Nine tips on protecting your company from cyber attacks.


The WannaCrypt0r 2.0 (WannaCry) ransomware virus attack last week reminds us that we should always have security at the forefront of our thoughts. Security is everyone’s responsibility, not just the tech folks. Here are a few basic tips that your systems manager and your staff should be familiar with and follow accordingly.


Date Published:             May 1 ,2017

Where: Teeger Schiller

Title: Funds Available for Innovation


In the highly competitive manufacturing sector, if you aren’t striving for faster, better, cheaper every day, you are falling behind. To encourage your innovations, the Federal Government provides over $3 billion yearly through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program to assist the manufacturing and IT sectors to support the development of, or to improve upon existing products and processes?


Date Published:             April 20 ,2017

Where: Teeger Schiller

Title: Green Funding for Manufacturers


The newly available SMART Green Program is provided through a partnership of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters with the Government of Ontario. Its objective is to provide funding to assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas and improve energy efficiency. Funding is in the form of non-repayable grants of 50 per cent of eligible costs up to $200,000 per facility, or $500,000 per multi-facility companies..


Date Published:          March 7,2017

Where: Teeger Schiller

Title: The SD Tech Fund - Bringing Your Innovations to Market


The SD Technology Fund supports cleantech projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil. It is designed to support the development and pre-commercial demonstration of cleantech solutions. The aim is to increase each solution’s chances of successfully making it to the marketplace, and help Canadian entrepreneurs carry out their innovation efforts within Canada.


Date Published:          February 27,2017

Where: Star Tribune

Title: Counterfeiters, hackers cost US up to $600 billion a year


Counterfeit goods, software piracy and the theft of trade secrets cost the U.S. economy as much as $600 billion a year. The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property says the annual losses range from $225 billion to $600 billion. Theft of trade secrets alone costs between $180 billion and $540 billion annually. Counterfeit goods cost the U.S. $29 billion to $41 billion annual; pirated software costs a further $18 billion.


Date Published:          February, 2017

Where: Retail Insider

Title: Why More Retailers Have Announced Store Closings and Bankruptcies in Canada in 2017 (Q&A)


Since the beginning of 2017, a number of retailers have announced that they were closing stores in Canada. While it’s not unusual for struggling retailers to announce closures at the beginning of a new year, the number announced was more significant than usual. One of the primary causes is the polarization of retail in Canada (where “middle” retailers are being squeezed while low and high-end retailers continue to expand).


Date Published:          January, 2017

Where: Business Development Bank of Canada

Title: How to avoid getting buned when buying a business


Making an acquisition can be a great way to grow your business. After all, you're buying an established operation with staff, assets and customer relationships.
But you have to be careful to buy a company that's a good fit for your business and makes sense in terms of your strategic plan. You also have to be able to buy it at a price, and with a financing structure, that doesn't put your personal or business finances at undue risk.


Date Published: ,  November 11, 2016

Where: Graphic Arts Magazine

Title: Want a government grant? Document your work


This article uses significant Court of Canada rulings to emphasis the importance of project documentation to support grant funding. It demonstrates that the Courts do not require massive notebooks with voluminous words, on the contrary, it has always accepted a myriad of small businesses’ methods of project documentation, as opposed to a government prescribed methodology.


Date Published: ,  November 4, 2016

Where: Government of Canada website

Title: Electronic Travel Authorization Help Centre


New entry into Canada requirement are now in effect. Visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA. Follow the link to apply for an eTA before you book your flight to Canada.


Date Published: ,  October 10, 2016

Where: Graphic Arts Magazine E-Newsletter

Title: How to get funding for your 3D printing projects


This article investigates how to get government funding for your 3D projects Specifically, if you are you developing a 3D product or part for a customer, or are you the customer specifying the part in order to develop a prototype for your innovative idea? Either way, you may be eligible for funding support from the federal government as well as from the province in which you’re conducting your experiment.


Date Published: ,  September 12, 2016

Where: The Wall Street Journal

Title: HP Agrees to Acquire Samsung Printer Business for $1.05 Billion


HP Inc. agreed to buy Samsung Electronics Co. ’s printer business for $1.05 billion, a deal designed to bolster HP’s offerings in the market for high-volume devices that handle printing and copying for office work groups.Several hours after disclosing the deal, HP unveiled 16 new multifunction printers targeted at so-called A3 larger printer-copier combinations that are the stronghold of such companies as Xerox Corp. , Canon Inc., Ricoh Co. and Konica Minolta Inc


Date Published: August 26,  2016

Where: Graphic Arts on-line

Title: Welcome to freaky Friday! Harvard engineers create first 3D-printed soft Octopus-like robot!


Octobot is the first autonomous, entirely soft robot. It was created by a team of Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) researchers – and it could eventually revolutionize the way that humans interact with machines! Until now, soft-body robots had to be hooked up to an off-board system or rigged with some hard components such as batteries and circuit boards. The Octobot described in the journal Nature, and according to the researchers, has never been achieved before.


Date Published: August 2,  2016

Where: Canadian Apparel Federation Bulletin

Title: Wage subsidies available to employers in Ontario


Wage subsidies are available for employers in the apparel industry in Ontario, providing support for hiring new employees, aged 18-30. The maximum subsidy is $11,375 per employee. The subsidies cover half of the wages of a new hire for up to six months. However, the subsidy must be confirmed prior to hiring.


Date Published: June 17,  2016

Where: Retail Insider

Title: Uniglo on Track for Canadian Debut


Popular Japanese retailer Uniqlo is on track to open its first two Canadian store locations this fall in Toronto, in the Toronto Eaton Centre, and then, in the Yorkdale Mall. Representatives yesterday presented a preview of Uniqlo's fall collections, as well as provided details about the new Canadian stores. According to Uniqlo's Canadian COO, Yasuhiro Hayashi, the Japanese brand will eventually expand throughout Canada.


Date Published: June 15,  2016

Where: Brookfield Institute for innovation + entrepreneurship

Title: The Talented Mr. Robot


Emerging technologies, such as artificial
intelligence and advanced robotics, have the
potential to fundamentally change our work
and daily lives. In recent years, the
understanding of how these technological
trends will impact employment has been at the
forefront of many recent public debates. Each
week there seem to be more and more articles
being released about how “robots are taking
our jobs.”. This report exams the current and future impact of automation on the labour force.


Date Published: June 10,  2016

Where: Canadian Manufacturing

Title: U.S. production will pressure Canada's natural gas output


As the United States is expected to become a net exporter of natural gas by 2018 for the first time since the 1950s, the National Energy Board of Canada predicts that conditions will worsen for Canada's struggling natural gas producers. It says Canadian natural gas output will decline through 2018 as production rises in the United States. It also expect Canadian natural gas prices will fall this year before strengthening gradually into 2018.


Date Published: May 30,  2016

Where: Graphic Arts Magazine

Title: Lessons learned from high school to now


Olvia Parker presents us with 5 important lessons that are good to remember whatever your longevity is in the workforce. Please read the article, but, spoiler alert, the five most valuable lessons are, ask questions, avoid tunnel vision, listen, manage ambiguity, and maintain a positive attitude. This column could have just as easily been titled Five Tips to Enhance Your Career. An excellent read.


Date Published: May 6,  2016

Where: The New York TImes

Title: Prince Needed a Will,but Maybe You Don't


That someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars did not have his financial house in order comes as a shock. However, for people  whose primary assets are retirement plans or insurance policies with a named beneficiary, a will is not the primary means whereby assets are distributed. Perhaps its time to make sure you have your wills and beneficiaries updated and that you understand the rules of your geographical jurisdiction.


Date Published: April 17, 2016

Where: Radical J's Talk Newsletter

Title: Radical J's Talk Newsletter


When it's all gone off the rails, every business needs the genius of a Radical J in its corner to fix today's technology. Here is the April newsletter from Teeger Schiller Inc.'s "genius" and it contains two recent and important security notices, one concerning Adobe Flash Player and one concerning Window Quicktime. This is important and requires your immediate attention.


Date Published: April 5, 2016

Where: Graphic Arts

Title: Tools, tactics and resources for non-graphic designers in print shops and other organizations


Here, Olivia Parker (B.Tech, MPC), Innovation & Support Specialist at the Taylor Printing Group in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and graduate from the Graphic Communications Management Course at Ryerson University in Toronto, reveals some workable strategies for the non-graphic designer. This is an excellent and highly informative article for professionals and hobbyists alike. Enjoy.


Date Published: March 22, 2016

Where: Wired

Title: Here's Everything Apple Announced Today


March 21, 2016, via live streaming, at least for Apple users that is, Apple unveiled the next big things in its lineup. Wired provides us with a video snapshot of the presentation as well as a summary of every item within the announcement to provide us with insight into what's new and what's on the way for the Apple world. Here's a link to that article.


Date Published: February 24, 2016

Where: The New York Times

Title: Tips and Myths About Extending Smartphone Battery Life


Despite the leaps forward in mobile phone technology with crisp, clear screens and faster chips, batteries have made only sluggish progress. That has propelled a desire for longer battery life to the top of the list of factors considered by consumers when they purchase smartphones. This article lists eight tips and seven myths busted by the results of smartphone testing. It's worth the read.


Date Published: February 12, 2016

Where: CNN Money

Title: Plugging in this date will permanetly crash your iPhone


According to David Goldman at CNN, "January 1, 1970 is the earliest date you can set your iPhone to. If you turn your date and time settings to manual (please don't do this), and scroll the calendar back as far as you can go (seriously, don't do this), you can only go as far back as January 1, 1970". However, this will permanently crash your iPhone. If you can't resist knowing why, just like this editor, read the article.


Date Published: February 2, 2016

Where: The Toronto Star

Title: Provincial overhaul may give police boards more muscle


According to Fred Kaustinen, a good friend of Teeger Schiller Inc., "there is change ahead when the province overhauls the Police Services Act later this year". Fred Kaustinen is the executive director of the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards, and a member of the province’s Future of Policing Advisory Committee.


Date Published: January 27, 2016

Where: IT Pro

Title: iPhone 7: news, rumours, features and specs


For every Apple phone user who is thinking of upgrading, you may want to wait until the fall before making a decision. The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in September this year, possibly accompanied by the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7c.
Here IT Pro rounds up all the latest news on the iPhone 7 release date, price and features ahead of its official launch in the autumn.


Date Published: January 13, 2016

Where: FierceRetail

Title: Why Hudson's Bay Bought Gilt


Hudson's Bay Co. has agreed to purchase Gilt for $250 million, and CEO Jerry Storch has big plans for the concept including stores within stores and inventory sharing between Gilt and Saks Off 5th outlets. Gilt brings a digital presence and younger customer to Hudson's Bay, while Hudson's Bay offers the physical showroom of the store.
The transaction is estimated to contribute $500 million to HBC's sales in 2016..


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